Typhoon Force Free Dive Mask and Snorkel Combo - KY8YJOERY

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Codice Prodotto: KY8YJOERY
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  • Wide vision for better viewing, streamline style for snug fit.

  • Tempered glass lens offers greater visual clarity and safety.

  • Low volume design makes clearing it simple and easy.

  • Low profile, silicone mouthpiece for ease and comfort

  • Hydrodynamic shape of the classic ?J-snorkel?, designed for spearfishing and freediving

  • The Typhoon Force Free Dive Mask has a wide vision, tempered glass lens that offers some of the best visual clarity and safety, so you can enjoy the panoramic vistas before you without concern. The streamline style and low volume design gives it a comfortable and snug fit, allowing for easy clearing. The Typhoon Force Free Diving Snorkel is a low profile snorkel. Its hydrodynamic shape (J-shape) is the classic design, offering you an unparalleled experience with a simple and efficient design. It is perfectly designed for activities such as spearfishing and freediving, with its uncomplicated form.

    Typhoon Force Free Dive Mask and Snorkel Combo - KY8YJOERY